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Welcome to The Chinese Outpost

For over twelve years now, our centerpiece Introduction to Mandarin Chinese has been reducing the dreaded Mandarin Learning Curve for countless students and other netizens eager to learn about the Chinese Language.

"I've just learnt more in an hour doing your language tutorial than I could ever expect in a year of classes."

- Christine Black, Australia

With a conversational approach that aims to educate and entertain, our popular tutorial explains the basic principles of Mandarin Chinese pronunciation, characters and grammar.

"The best. A must-visit site" for Chinese Language learning.

--Dr. Ming L. Pei, China The Beautiful

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CHINAPEDIA This reference guide, drawing on select U.S. government and other published sources, provides a detailed and up-to-date overview of The People's Republic of China. Go >>
CHINA NEWS HEADLINES The latest news headlines from China, as well as a list of top news stories for each province in the People's Republic, and for each major special administrative region. Go >>
NEWSLETTER ARCHIVE Our monthly newsletter, which ran from 2003-2006, is no longer published, but here we have archived some of its stories that you might still find interesting or informative. Go >>
HISTORY View a selection of engravings depicting Chinese scenes from China Illustrated, printed in four volumes between 1843 and 1847. Go >>
MUSIC Our custom Flash audio player offers eight traditional Chinese musical arrangements, featuring erhu and bamboo flute, for your online listening pleasure. Go >>

8-Minute Virtual Video Ride on a Hong Kong Bus

Video footage that puts you in the front seat on the upper level of a double decker bus in Hong Kong. The trip takes you (with some gaps) from North Point, on the north side of Hong Kong Island, toward Stanley Bay, on the island's south side.

Latest Stock News from China

Sieren's China: Shanghai's stock market soars

Crude oil prices riding global stock market waves
Daniel J. Graeber NEW YORK, Dec. 19 (UPI) -- Word of a revision to Chinese growth domestic product and continued rallies in major stock market indices helped lift crude oil prices in global trading Friday.

Global IPO market booms 50% in 2014
The global IPO market was on a roll this year, as companies took advantage of the rising stock market and strong investor appetite.

Bloomberg Markets Strategies: A Two-Way Road to China’s Markets
The Protests in Hong Kong in the fall of 2014 overshadowed a Chinese government plan that promises to strengthen links between the nation’s stock markets. Premier Li Keqiang took the stage in April at the Boao Forum for Asia to unveil the Mutual Market Access (MMA) program, which gives foreign investors enhanced access to the onshore stock market in Shanghai, while granting mainland Chinese ...

Rising rates defy China easing hops
China's stock market has soared to multi-year highs since the PBoC cut interest rates, as more aggressive easing is expected. The FT reports.

China stock market opens further through QDII2
Mutual market access between stock exchanges in Hong Kong and Shanghai will narrow the valuation gap between the two.

China's Fosun ups offer in Club Med bidding war
Chinese conglomerate Fosun raised its offer to buy French holiday group Club Med on Friday, as it strives to win the longest bidding war in Paris market history against an Italian tycoon. Fosun bid 24.60 euros ($30.20) per share for Club Med, which values the iconic holiday brand at 939 million euros and trumps a previous bid from Italian businessman Andrea Bonomi's Global Resorts. Fosun had ...

China media: Stock market
Calls for intervention dismissed after Shanghai stock exchange hits a 44-month high.

Aust shares open weaker
The Australian stock market is lower as weaker Chinese data and fears surrounding the Ukraine spook investors.        

China overtakes Japan as the world’s second largest stock market
So far in 2014, the capitalization of the Chinese stock market has already increased by 33% to $4.48 trillion.

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