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The Chinese Outpost Newsletter Archive

Our monthly newsletter, which ran from January 2003 through the end of 2006, is no longer published, but here we have archived some of its stories that you might still find interesting -- the timeless classics, we hope -- presented below in these several categories:

In The News

Chairman Mao on Christie’s Auction Block

Da Shan (Mark Roswell) Named Canada’s 2008 Olympic Attache

Video Tour of a Chinese Cadaver ‘Mummification’ Factory

China’s Friendly Skies: Psycho Fake Hijackers and Teenie Terrorist Ring Tones

Recognizing Taiwan’s Nationhood: Honduras, Kiribati and…Costco?

Chinese CSI: West Lafayette, Indiana

Little Emperors at the Gate: Tech Firms in China Face Hiring Challenges

Record Numbers in China Now Enjoying (Censored) Internet

Foreigners in China: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

NBA Superstar Yao Ming

Seattle Film Scoring Program Reaches Beijing

Chinese Antique Fraud Alleged in Seattle & Hong Kong

Contemporary China

Chinese Stock Market Lures ‘Investment Biker’ to Asia

The 'Beijing Observer' PhotoBlog

Photo Exhibition: Shanghai Living

Photos from 'Shanghai Sky'

Photos from 'Shanghai Streets'

A Letter from China: Shanghai, Yangshou, Wuhan, Prostitution and Drug Busts

Mystery Shoppers Needed in China

Letters from ‘Mr. Deng’ at

Advertising and the Rise of the Chinese Middle Class

The “Shanghai Expat” Web Site

New Chinese Art: Duncan Wong and

Dan Washburn's 'Shanghai Diaries'

Chinese Culture and History

The 'Eating China' Web Site

The China History Forum

The Cultural Revolution: ‘Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times’

Sidney Rittenberg, ‘The Man Who Stayed Behind’

The Mathematics of the Chinese Calendar

Nixon Meets Mao, 1972

The Shaolin Gongfu Institute

Stefan Landsberger’s Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

The Life and Times of Graham Earnshaw

Tales of Old China: Snapshots from a Bygone Era

Picturing Power: Posters of the Cultural Revolution

Chinese Cinema and Music

The Second Coming of Gong Li?

Zhou Xuan’s “Shanghai Night”

(A Barrel of) MonkeyPeaches(.com)

Recent Chinese Cinematic Releases: Part Two

Recent Chinese Cinematic Releases: Part I

Heroic Grace: The Chinese Martial Arts Film

‘Music for Efficient Sleep’ by The Shanghai Chinese Traditional Orchestra

Electric Shadows: Chinese Film Score Anthology

Farewell My Concubine

The Road Home

Book Reviews

‘Chinese Lessons: Five Classmates and the Story of the New China’ by John Pomfret

Mo Yan’s Big Breasts and Wide Hips: A Novel

Jim Bainbridge’s ‘Above the Sea: Expat in China’


Picture Yourself in a Revolutionary Painting!

Chinese 'Tattoo YOU'

Other Recommended Reading

If you're interested in finding Web sites and tools to help in your study of Mandarin Chinese, check out our list of Free Chinese Language Learning Resources.

For the record of one family's extended trip to China in 2006 (mine), in stories, pictures and videos, check out the site Postcards from China.


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