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Picture Yourself in a Revolutionary Painting!

Become a socialist hero…in just 4 easy steps!!

The folks over at have come up a unique service that puts you (alone or with friends, family members, whoever) into a custom-painted Chinese revolutionary or propaganda poster:

  1. Pick a poster from their selection and choose your painting’s format: 30×20in or 40×26in (75×50cm or 100×65cm).
  2. Send them snapshots of yourself (or others).
  3. They create a mock-up at no cost in order to give you a preview of the final result, and they also include a quotation for the painting. If you agree, the painter gets down to work. Payment is effected through PayPal.
  4. Two weeks later your painting is ready. It is carefully packaged inside a cardboard tube and sent to you by FedEx.

In case that was too hard to follow, here’s a visual:

The price for this service isn’t cheap, nor should it be: the privilege of being immortalized in proletariat art really should be reserved just for the bourgeoisie elite (or those who aspire to join their ranks), don’t you think? ;-)

Me, I’m thinking of having my daughters likenesses brought into this one, the slogan of which translates to Do good environmental sanitation work, and keep the city looking neat and clean:

We’ve been emphasizing to the girls the importance of picking up after themselves, and I think that hanging this in their room will make a perfect reinforcement….

Head on over to to check out this service and more.

May 2006

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