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Tales of Old China: Snapshots from a Bygone Era

If God lets Shanghai endure, He owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.

- A Christian evangelist in the early 1920s

With that random quotation served on the site Tales of Old China, we get a hint of the world that this Graham Earnshaw/SinoMedia production aims to present. As the site tells us, Tales of Old China “stores words and images from Old China, mostly the era between 1840 to 1950 when China and the West were struggling to come to terms with each other. It is the contrasts and cultural clashes between the two worlds that are at the heart of this website.”

Some of the features you’ll be entertained and fascinated by include:

The site is clearly an ongoing work in progress with a few bad links and the occasional dead end, but [Tales of Old China] succeeds in giving us a look into the roaring heyday of Shanghai through the eyes of Westerners who had found their ways there for commerce, missionary work, or pure (un)adulterated diversion.

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March 2003

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