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The 'Beijing Observer' PhotoBlog

In September and October, I featured the works of some photographers creating “photo blogs” of life in Shanghai. This month we direct your lenses north, to the photoblog entitled “The Beijing Observer.”

For the past four months, “Michael,” who is “from Leeds, via Sydney,” has been photoblogging some amazing pictures in and around Beijing.

But sadly, all good things must come to an end, sort of like 22-year old Austin Arensberg’s blog from China, which I was planning to feature this month; on Monday Austin moved to Thailand. In this story’s case, though as of this past Sunday, Michael is no longer in Beijing (but still photoblogging–do check out his next project.)

Michael’s’ Beijing photos, however, at least for now, are still online for your vicarious viewing pleasure. Let’s hope they stay there. Amazing work; a great many of the shots look to me like they could be in a National Geographic photo essay, more than a couple on a cover.

Head on over to for all the shots.

November 2005

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