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Mystery Shoppers Needed in China

You’re probably familiar with the concept of “Mystery Shoppers.”

People are hired to try products and services, and then report back to some agency or office who is doing an evaluation and those products and services. It’s about as close to “spy mode” that most of us can ever hope for. (My wife loves doing it, for what it’s worth.)

‘Mystery Shopping’ is a concept that one couldn’t imagine being relevant in China not that long ago … but that was then, and this is now … and mystery shopping is already alive and well in the People’s Republic.

O’ the times they are a’changin’, no?

Anyway, if you happen to live in China, whether you’re native Chinese-born or are an Expat now living there, and you might be interested in becoming a mystery shopper now or in the future, here’s a message for you from Ellen Schruns, Assistant Project Manager for Bare Associates International:

Bare Associates International ( are an international quality consumer research company with offices in the United States and in Belgium, and we are working on a new international project. For this project we urgently need shoppers in China (Beijing, Changchun, Changsa, Harbin, Anshan, Shen Yang, Wuhan and other cities & provinces) who are willing to do an assignment for us as a mystery shopper.

What is Mystery Shopping? Mystery Shoppers are people who visit various shops (clothing, restaurants, hotels and so on) acting as potential customers. The only difference between real customers and Mystery Shoppers is that Mystery Shoppers get an opportunity to comment on the service they received and in this way to improve the customer service. Also, mystery shoppers are paid for shopping!

The assignments in China involve the monitoring of an international company that offers software training and testing. The shopper (21-40 years) has to take part in an exam (he or she has to fail the exam!) and fill out a report afterwards (online and in English) on customer service. The payment is 30 euros per completed assignment. These assignments have to be completed as soon as possible.

If you or someone you know is interested, sign up for free at or contact me by e-mail at Please let me know if you know anyone who might be interested (friends, family, colleagues, students, expats). This is a great and easy way to earn some extra money, and we still need more shoppers in China for future projects as well.

Ellen Schruns, Assistant Project Manager

TEL (+32) 3 242 8730
FAX (+32) 3 242 8738
Visit at for an eye opening vision into maximum efficiency measurement.

The preceding is an unpaid service announcement on behalf of Bare Associates International and does not constitute an endorsement or guarantee of the company’s services … but that said, Ellen has been quite friendly and professional in all our communications, and, you know, if she were ever to visit the Seattle area, I think we’d probably invite her over for dinner.

March 2005

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