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The Web site is sort of an Internet version of one of those prolific inventor’s workshops. But where the likes of Thomas Edison gave us the phonograph, light bulb, and kinetophone, and its creative young genius, Eric Okorie, have given us instead several useful free-to-use flash script components, the “Arizona AIMS Mathematics Test Preparation Web Site” - useful presumably if you’re a high school student in Arizona – and of greatest interest to us, these two projects:

  • An English-to-Chinese dictionary with results that include links to Google search results on your translated search term at Play with it awhile. You’ll like it.
  • A unique “Chinese Number Converter” that allows you to enter any number, such as 7,434,267, and instantly be shown the Chinese equivalent.

    Number conversion capability is available all the way up to 999,999,999,999 at

    You’ll find a few other Chinese-related tools on the site – and keep checking back there often. I have a feeling the good things are only getting started at

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