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Learning Chinese? See Our List of Free Mandarin Learning SitesFree Mandarin Chinese Learning Sites

Learning Chinese Online:
A Collection of Additional Resources

After you have finished our own Introduction to Mandarin Chinese Tutorial—with introductory units on Chinese pronunciation, characters and grammar—you'll probably be looking for some other resources on the Web to continue your Chinese language studies.

For the independent language student, here are some of the best free sites we've found for helping you learn Chinese fast, as well as some other resources of interest to Chinese as a second language learners.

We're adding to this list of resources all the time, so be sure to check back periodically.

General Learning Resources and Courses

Chinese Multimedia Supplementary Course

Yale’s Chinese 130 - Online Multimedia Text

A Backlog of Interesting Chinese Language Learning Sites

The Wedding Banquet’s 'Online College of Language Learning'

MIT’s ‘OpenCourseWare’ Free Online Chinese Courses

Language Learning Directory

In The News

News: Chinese Language Learning and Methods

Now Hiring Nannies from China: Earn Up to $100,000!

News in Chinese

Learning Tools

Learning Chinese with Flashcard Programs

A Simplified & Traditional Character Learning Tool

PrimeZero Chinese Learning Resources

Converting Pinyin Tone Numbers to Diacritical Tone Marks

The World’s Best (Free) Chinese Learning and Study Tools Revisited

One-A-Day Chinese Learning Aids

Chinese for Children

Chinese for Children: Better Chinese

Download Chinese Children's Songs

The Beijing Children's Weekly

Dim Sum for Everyone

Chinese New Year Projects for Kids

A Review of "Teach Me Chinese"

Listening and Pronunciation

Elementary Chinese Listening Practice

Mandarin Radio on the Web

Free Mandarin Chinese Audio CD

Character Writing

A History of Chinese Writing Styles


Learn “Chinese Through Poetry” by A.C. Barnes

An Introduction to Chinese Dialects

A Chinese Language and Culture Forum

Chinese Language Resources at

How To Learn Any Language

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