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“Didn’t you know? Everybody works for Milo.”

- Luciana, in Catch 22

“Some day, we’re all going to be working for Roddy.”

- Me, just now in this newsletter

Just when you thought he couldn’t possibly contribute anything more to the realm of online Chinese language and culture learning, our pal Roddy Flagg (,, some other dot-com’s) has paired with to bring us the “News in Chinese” Web site.

“ is powered by a combination of Chinese news agency Xinhua's RSS Feeds,'s annotation software and the Wordpress weblog system.

“Using the site is simple. All of the headlines and news stories you see have been annotated, and if you hold your cursor over a word a pop-up will appear with characters (enlarged, for ease of reading), pinyin and English translation.”

And this includes proper names, I might add. Astounding! You can pay for this sort of functionality with products such as those from (still worth its purchase price for its many other features), but to have something like this online and free 24/7/365 is worth every cent you didn’t have to pay for it. And then some.

If your Chinese language vocabulary studies need a greater dose of “current events” input, then be sure to visit this new piece of Roddy’s empire at

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