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Download Chinese Children’s Songs at The Internet Chinese Music Archive

The Internet Chinese Music Archive actually contains “oodles” of songs, not just a set for children, but since these are harder to come by online, we’ll focus our attention there for starters.

At The Internet Chinese Music Archive, you’ll find a total of 27 songs for children sung in Chinese, in MP3 format, with translated titles such as Green Motherland, Little Swallow, Communist Young Pioneers, Heroic Little Sisters, and QingHai Blue.

The MP3 files all seem to be encoded in 128KB format, which is near-CD quality, meaning that you can download and play these from your computer, or convert & burn them to CD, and they’ll sound as good as if you purchased a regular CD version from Wal-Mart. Or from a back alley street vendor in Fuzhou. Or whatever.

And of course, as I hinted, you’ll find “oodles” of other Chinese language songs for download for free as well.

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