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Free Mandarin Chinese Audio CD

Online listening is nice, but not everyone has a fast or reliable Internet connection. For an alternative resource, you might consider ordering a free copy of the entire Bible read in Mandarin, as made available on CD by Lutheran Hour Ministry Centers of Asia.

This CD contains every book of the Old and New Testaments, in Chinese translation, read by several readers who seem to have recorded their passages under a variety of conditions. One voice sounds like a timid librarian reading into a cheap cassette recorder; another sounds like a professional voice-over actor in an expensive studio; the rest fall somewhere in between.

Although these recordings are offered on CD, note that this isn’t a true “Audio CD”. Instead, it’s a collection of MP3 files on a data CD. The CD includes an “AutoPlay” feature, but if you prefer not to use it, you can use your own MP3 player, such as WinAmp ( to play the files.

The CD order form asks quite a few questions you might not wish to answer, but we found that simply providing a name and mailing address was sufficient at

Note: Given the nature of this resource, if you want to offer a donation in exchange for your CD, you can find donation information, including a postal address, online at

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