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Mandarin Radio on the Web

Only the freshest, juiciest Chinese Pop.

When my wife moved from her native China to the United States, one thing she wished she had brought more of was her favorite kinds of music. Contemporary Chinese Pop music, for example.

For awhile, whenever we’d go back to China, she’d find that in some cases, a whole new crop of singers and songs had come and gone during her absence.

What’s that like?

Imagine that INXS was topping the charts when you went abroad, and when you returned home some band called “Nirvana” had come and gone.

Well, Chinese pop music hasn’t undergone revolutions quite that drastic, but you get the idea.

Now she--and you!--can get a Chinese Pop Music fix anytime, with Mandarin Radio on the Web. At, you can launch a player with a broadcast of Chinese Pop music, and even if you’re on a dialup connection, the stream is pretty reliable, apparently because the station is using a format called 32K MP3Pro. (You might also like their sister station, Pop Goes Asia, which uses 64K MP3Pro, where “styles range from power pop to lounge, techno to light rock, punk to R&B.”)

Now myself, I loathe pop music sung in any language, but if you don’t, and you are looking for another type of Chinese language listening resource, bee-bop on over to Mandarin Radio.

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