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Now Hiring Nannies from China: Earn Up to $100,000!

You read that headline right!

This CNN (video) report reveals that nannies from China (doing in the U.S. what Chinese grannies have been doing for centuries in China without pay) are earning U.S. $60,000 to $100,000, particularly among New York’s well-heeled who recognize that China is — “whether we like it or not” — “the next great country in the world.”

These Chinese nannies care for children and, more importantly,??are teaching these toddlers Mandarin Chinese as part of their normal everyday responsibilities, all in the name of preparing the kids for what I’ll call “the coming world order.”

Watch the CNN video (and you might want to temporarily disable your pop-up blocker so the video loads faster).

Hmm, I think I hear my Wife updating her resume already….

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