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Chinese for Children: Language and Culture Storybooks

It's never too early for children to experience or imagine a "context" for the second language they're being exposed to...and what better way to introduce another culture to little ones than with storybooks? Here are a number of favorites from our own bookshelves...most now dog-eared from eager overuse. ;-)

Our Current Favorites

Fortune Cookie Fortunes A young narrator views the world in terms of fortune cookie messages. Grace Lin

Dim Sum for Everyone A tasty tradition explored through simple text and realistic illustrations. Grace Lin

Kite Flying A family makes their own Chinese kite and flies it on a windy day. Grace Lin

1, 2, 3, Go! Word and number primer with a Chinese New Year's dragon! Huy Voun Lee

D is for Doufu A visual treat of Chinese culture. Great for classroom use. Maywan Shen Krach, Hongbin Zhang

One Is a Drummer Introduces Chinese culture with large, horizontal paintings illustrating rhymes. Roseanne Thong

In the Park Harmony is found in a child's playful collage cutouts of blooming park scenes. Huy Youn Lee

In the Snow Xiao Ming's mother teaches him Chinese characters during a snowy woods walk. Huy Voun Lee

At the Beach Xiao Ming's mother teach him more Chinese as they write in the sand. Huy Voun Lee

Grandfather Counts Helen must give up her room when her Chinese grandfather moves in with her family. Andrea Cheng.

Ruby's Wish A tender family story set in turn-of-the-century China. Shirim Yim Bridges

The Seven Chinese Sisters The big sisters each have a noteworthy skill. What will the baby's special talent be? Kathy Tucker

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