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Chinese for Children: Language Learning Series

Children tend to become more "involved" in second language learning materials when they encounter familiar characters and patterns of repetition. Here are some language learning resources for children whose characters and hosts provide that familiarity.

Our Current Favorites

Max and Mei: Learn Chinese the Fun Way New in 2007! A box set of 4 titles with books and audio CDs: The Snake and the Shoelace, The Monkey and the Hat, The Goat and the Old Man, The Horse and the Merry-Go-Round. Children learning Mandarin will love to enter the bilingual world of Max and Mei. Max and Mei are best friends who live next door to each other. They are both 5 years old. Mei is Chinese, Max is British, and they go everywhere together. In each adventure Max and Mei meet the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. This box-set features the Snake, the Goat, the Horse and the Monkey. These bedtime stories are tailored to 2-8 year olds and are written in Chinese characters, with Mandarin, Pinyin and English.

Learn Chinese with Billy and Benboo - Book I Colorful images and modern sing-along songs starring Billy and his Shih Tzu dog, Benboo. Language Tree

Learn Chinese with Billy and Benboo - Book II Billy and Benboo encounter The Monsters and the Magic Wand. More great lessons. Language Tree

Follow Jade! Visit Chinese Kindergarten Visit Chinese Kindergarten with host Jade to learn greetings, numbers, colors, songs, and more. Master Communications

Follow Jade! Let's Go To Market in China Visit a Chinese Market with Jade for more lessons about fruits, animals, body parts, and more. Master Communications

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